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Divorce Planner - Family Law Tax Planning and Child Support Software
Software Which Informs Users When a Settlement Is Not Tax Smart and
Takes the Guesswork Out of Financial Planning for Divorce.
FinPlan Divorce Planner has been successfully providing family lawyers, courts, financial professionals and mediators with understandable, client-oriented reports on the financial impact of divorce since 1990. By looking at results for both parties simultaneously, you can accurately evaluate divorce settlements in minutes.
Why Divorce Planner
Divorce Planner goes beyond simply calculating child support and taxes, but rather translates results into understandable after-tax cash reports. It shows when your proposed support settlement does not make tax sense. You instantly see who should claim the children for taxes and when taxable alimony should not be used. FinPlan is the only divorce calculation software to make it easy to not only see accurate numbers but to quickly refine the settlement to minimize taxes and maximize after-tax cash.
Available States
Find what states are available for Divorce Planner, including links to state-specific information and sample reports, online client input web forms and downloadable patch updates.
FinPlan Divorce Planner®: (Easy as 1, 2, 3--enter case facts, analyze scenarios, print reports and worksheets)
  • Calculate Federal, state and FICA taxes for both parties for up to 3 years with detailed and accurate reports
  • Prepare understandable client-oriented cash flow reports which highlight alimony/child support assumptions and the resulting cash available to meet living expenses
  • View immediate results of a scenario in one screen and post to compare up to 6 scenarios side by side
  • Generate accurate tax calculations (including automatic Alternative Minimum Tax) to support after-tax cash figures for use by clients, attorneys, financial planners and courts
  • Enter case facts on any web browser and send results in an encrypted secure file via email to import into your state-specific Divorce Planner software
  • Contact Thomson Reuters for any questions on data entry, technical issues, and one on one WebEx training options as part of your subscription
Unique Features
See why so many family law professionals rely on Divorce Planner with quick and accurate results for settling family law matters relating to divorce and child support.
Online Help
See the power behind FinPlan Divorce Planner by reading the Online Help.
Flash Demo
Learn quickly on how to use the FinPlan Divorce Planner software by viewing a flash demo tutorial.
Technical Support
The FinPlan application family uses Microsoft Office Runtime 2002 and/or 2010 32bit. Microsoft currently does not allow MS Office 32bit and MS Office 64bit to function together. This application currently does not support the 64bit version of Office installed. It will support Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8 Operating systems for both 32bit and 64bit. But will not support the co-existence of 64bit Office with a 32bit Office Runtime.
Cite As
The official citation style for citing FinPlan is: FinPlan Divorce Planner for {State} (Thomson Reuters, version 20XX.X) (Software). Replace {State} with the state for which the software is being cited. Replace the X's with the version number. The version number can be found in the Help/About screen on the software.
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More Information
FinPlan software is a suite of family law calculators offered in several states, that aid in calculating after-tax cash availability and planning, financial affidavits, marital property distribution and commonly used calculations, such as Pensions, Retirement, Present and Future Value, and Alimony Recapture. Click below to learn more about the software and find answers to frequently asked questions.
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